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BlackWhite TV przedstawia nowe kieszenie na dyski

Polski kanał YouTube "BlackWhite TV" prezentuje nową linię produktów od ENERMAXa: Seria EMK składa się z 11 kieszeń na dyski 2,5" i 3,5", które się montuje w slotach 5,25", 3,5" lub PCI w obudowie komputera stacjonarnego. Stabilna konstrukcja i opatentowane łącza NSS (Non-Scratch SATA) gwarantują wysoką trwalość nowych...



25.08.14 Smart Solutions for an Efficient Data Management

One week ago, Enermax has launched the Mighty Charger series with two card readers for 3.5” and 5.25” bays. They have been the first models of a new line of data management solutions from Enermax. Even if cloud computing has been a major trend to handle the huge amount of data, many people prefer to keep physical drives for security reasons. The...


22.08.14 Upgrade Your Desktop PC to a Multimedia Station

Considering the huge variety of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players etc.) and the growing volumes of data (photos, videos, music etc.), the PC has become a platform which connects different devices and formats. Thereofore, it is annoying if the initial configuration of your computer does not fulfill all requirements: No me...


03.06.14 For Professional System Building: Thorex & Ostrog.Q

With the Ostrog and the Vostok Advanced series, Enermax already carries two successful chassis lines which are designed for professional system building: The manufacturer follows an elegant, clean design and relies on a sturdy and user-friendly structure. Now, Enermax introdu...

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