LiqTech TR4 240
240mm Radiator

LiqTech TR4 360
360mm Radiator

Product Introduction

The AIO liquid CPU cooler LiqTech TR4 was developed in cooperation with AMD for the AMD RYZEN Threadripper processors. The extremely powerful processors are mounted on the TR4 socket, which, in contrast to previous AMD sockets, occupies a much larger area. Conventional cooling systems that have been retrofitted to the TR4 socket can often not cover the Threadripper's entire heat spreader. Therefore Enermax designed LiqTech TR4 to make use of the entire surface for cooling and also offers an extremely high cooling capacity of 500W + TDP to keep the beast under control.



  • Maintenance-free Cooling System
    All-in-One liquid CPU cooler with pre-filled coolant offers best usability and maximum cooling performance for powerful PC systems.
  • 240mm Dual-Radiator
    The LiqTech TR4 240 comes with an extra thick 240mm dual fan radiator (39mm height) to enhance the heat exchange capacity and improve the cooling performance. The 500W+ TDP provides incredible cooling for over-clocking.
  • 360mm Triple-Radiator
    The LiqTech TR4 360 offers extra cooling performance with a long triple fan radiator to enhance the heat exchange capacity and improve the cooling performance. The 500W+ TDP provides incredible cooling for over-clocking.

Cold Plate

  • 100% sTR4 IHS Coverage
    Tailored to 100% cover AMD Threadripper’s integrated heat spreader (IHS) for uncompromised cooling performance.
  • Shunt-Channel Technology
    Patented cold plate design for maximum cooling performance. The shunt inside the micro fin structure minimizes the “Boundary Layer” effect, eliminates hot spots much quicker and ensures a perfect heat dissipation.
  • Illuminated Enermax logo
    The white glowing logo on top of the cold plate acts as a power-on indicator.


  • Powerful pump design
    A robust pump with precision engineering delivers high flow rate up to 450 L/h for superior cooling performance.
  • Ceramic nano PI bearing
    Silent and long lasting high-efficiency ceramic bearing pump with 100,000h MTBF.


  • Anti-vibration
    Rubber pads at the corner provide noiseless stable operation.
  • High Pressure Blade Design
    High pressure blade design is a precision engineering of the fan blade angle and shape calculation. The blades concentrate the airflow to the centre of the fan.
  • The 2nd Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing
    Smooth and persistently silent operation due to the patented Twister Bearing Technology. The second generation of the bearing guarantees up to 160,000 hours MTBF.


  • Premium weaved tubing
    The flexible and long lasting polyamide rubber tubes ensure zero permeability. 400mm long tubes for easy system installation.


  • AMD SocketTR4 Ready!
    Quick & user-friendly mounting system for TR4 / SP3 sockets supporting AMD® RYZEN Threadripper CPUs.

LiqTech TR4 240 Included in the delivery

  • LiqTech TR4 240 Liquid Cooler (ELC-LTTR240-TBP)
  • 2x High Pressure Twister Fans
  • 8x Case Scews
  • 8x Fan Screws
  • 4x AMD® TR4 / SP3 Screw
  • 4x Spring Screws
  • 1x Thermal Grease
  • 1x PWM Y cable
  • 1x Molex adapter

LiqTech TR4 360 Included in the delivery

  • LiqTech TR4 360 Liquid Cooler (ELC-LTTR360-TBP)
  • 3x High Pressure Twister Fans
  • 12x Case Scews
  • 12x Fan Screws
  • 4x AMD® TR4 / SP3 Screw
  • 4x Spring Screws
  • 1x Thermal Grease
  • 1x PWM 3 to 1 cable
  • 1x Molex adapter


Compatible Sockets
AMD® TR4 / SP3
Cold Plate Material
Weight without fan (g) 1,100 1,395
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 500W+ 500W+
Thermal Grease Dow Corning® TC-5121
Bearing Type
Ceramic nano PI bearing
MTBF (h)
Motor Speed (RPM)
Rated Voltage (V) 12
Rated Current (A) 0.4
Connector 3-pin
Dimensions (mm)
W 270 x H 120 x D 39
W 402 x H 120 x D 28
Material Aluminium
Length (mm)
Material Polyamide (PA) rubber tube
Model Enermax Twister Pressure Fan
Dimensions (mm) W 120 x H 120 x D 25
Bearing Type Twister Bearing Technology (patented)
Rated Voltage (V) 12
MTBF (h)
Connector 4-pin PWM
Fan Quantity 2
Mounting Metal Screws
Fan Speed (RPM) 500 – 2,300
Air Flow (m3/h) 40.45 ~ 173.59
Air Flow (CFM) 23.81 ~ 102.17
Static Pressure (mm-H2O) 0.673 ~ 6.28
Rated Current (A) 0.3 A
Noise Level (dB(A)) 14 ~ 28 dBA

Dealer Information

EAN Code
4713157723352 4713157723369
Master Carton - Gross Weight
14.13 16.89
Unit - Gross Weight
2.03 2.49
Master Carton - Dimensions (mm)
D 525 x W 480 x H 500 D 525 x W 480 x H 500
Pieces / Master Carton
6 6


LiqTech TR4
240 & 360

Product Pictures

LiqTech TR4 240
LiqTech TR4 360

How to install the LiqTech TR4 cooler

For detailed instructions how to install the CPU cooler, please check the official>> product manual!

Liqtech TR4 240

  • Liqtech TR4 360